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First off, there is no such thing, currently, as a perfect eReader for everyone. No single product stands head and shoulders above the rest, and if it did, everyone would certainly copy that idea so it wouldn't not be so unique for long. This article is going to explain what you need to worry about, and what you don't, to pick the best eReader.

The eReaders are a confusing technology for many, because it is a relatively new product that not everyone is comfortable with yet, many people are still blown away that reading from the screen feels almost identical to reading from a book as opposed to reading from a bright computer or cellphone screen like they had assumed. Also it is such a popular product that lots of companies are putting out as many eReader models as they can to get as much sales as possible.

At the moment a lot of technical specifications, like screen quality, durability, response time and simliar issues are difficult to evaluate without seeing, they vary from eReader to eReader. To make things easy, the best eBook readers are so similar in these issues that you can ignore all these things because there really is not a noticeable difference. However, get an eReader that has poor screen quality or poor response time and you have made an unwise purchase.

At the time of writing, the best eBook readers are made by Amazon - the Kindle, and the Sony Reader line. They are well established and make excellent quality eReaders. To keep up with which eReaders are best, as new eReaders are constantly entering the market, check out my website at the end of the article.

Now that we know you're getting a high quality eReader, here is where it is impossible to determine the 'best' one, because there are so many different features. So here are the key issues you should decide on when choosing an eReader:

Price - you can get very nice eBook readers from $200 to $500, right now I do not see a need for an average consumer to spend any more than that

Screen size - smaller means more portable, but bigger offers convenient viewing, especially for technical documents, image heavy documents, or magazine. It is far less of an issue for someone who reads text only novels, then it just means more page turns.

eBook Source - Amazon uses its own special book format. That means if you buy a book from Amazon's store, and only want to read it on your own Kindle, you're all set, but if you want to put it on a different brand eReader or share it, then you are out of luck. Most other eReaders and their stores support more universally friendly files that will work on a greater range of devices

Want a touchscreen or a keypad? A touchscreen offers instant menu access, and easy hi-lighting, while a keypad offers easier note taking, but also adds to the size of the unit

Other 'bonus' features - different companies offer different extra features that you may want to consider, such as - image viewing, mp3 playing, audiobook playing, text to speech (reads the book to you), PDF and other popular file support, note taking, hi-lighting and page bookmarking

Book selection and price - Amazon is, at the moment, the best for selection and price of eBooks, if you are considering a different eReader, browse the eBook store first to make sure they support the books you would like in a digital form at a good price

Some eReaders give you subscriptions to popular blogs, newspaper or magazines

Wireless internet - some eReaders come with wireless access, which not only let you have a book sent straight to your eReader, but also auto update any subscriptions, and you can also use that connection for regular browsing of the internet, including Google searches and Wikipedia use

Also, decide how important the battery life of the unit is to use, a travel who wants to use it for days without charging would want more battery life than someone who keeps it around the house and can charge it anytime

That should help you decide what features you want in an eReader, from there you can match up your desired features with whatever eReader suits you best.

Know what you're looking for in an eReader now?

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