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Computers have been introduced to almost every home.  They have made our work easier and sometimes one wonders how we ever survived without computer in the first place.  Computers are very delicate gadgets and it is for this reason that great computer care is essential for the computer to run


  1. Do not switch off your computer and its accessories without waiting for the shutdown of windows
  2. Plug your computer into an uninterrupted power supply that will prevent your computer from power failure in case of high or low voltage occurrence
  3. Use defragmentation or scan disk once a month to catch any disaster that can cause multiple problems to your computer.
  4. Use a good antivirus program if you want to save your computer accessories and parts from worms, viruses and spam.  You can download these antivirus programs from the Internet and they are readily available,  These computer antivirus which are very many provide great service and if well used or downloaded one can earn what they purchased for.  Many computer antivirus products are available from different software companies and with careful search, it is possible to get a great computer antivirus software at a great price
  5. Keep your firewall on in case of using high speed Internet connection, computer firewall saves a computer from being hijacked.  These are different times and alot of people have been computer educated which  call for aneed for computer protection  
  6. When it comes to computer parts and its accessories tips make sure the person using the computer knows how to use it, you can have a good computer with all the computer protection you can afford have, but eventually it breaks down.  A machine is as good as its operator.