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Alcohol and drug abuse are terms which many people understand or are in denial about. Advancement in science has taught us a lot more on why and how the human brain reacts the way it does when it is subject to alcohol and drug abuse. The research on whether the abuse is related to a potential sequence in your genetic information is still on and expected to provide interesting results. Simply put, both are damaging to the individual's mind and body and reasons are invariably (to a large extent) the environment and the immediate society.

Consequences of abuse are not just emotional, but could be financial, social and sometimes even a criminal aftermath. Technically speaking, the term 'abuse' refers to excessive use of a substance beyond its prescribed limit to achieve effects that are not intended. Well, in the eyes of an addict, this could be questioned as they possibly would call it alcohol or drug 'use' rather than 'abuse' as their intent is just the effect they get.

Alcohol and Drug abuse have their share of ill effects on the human mind and body, which sometimes are irreparable as well. In most cases, the functioning of the human brain is altered by excessive use of the drugs and that results in overt dependency on the same for other physical functions as well.

For example, there are addicts who claim that they cannot concentrate for long hours for their exams if they do not consume these drugs. What potentially starts as a one time affair has far reaching consequences that could even drive one to criminal activities to seek the substance of abuse.

There is a school of thought that also says that alcohol abuse is easier to treat than a drug abuse, but then a lot of it depends on the extent to which someone is addicted and the extent of damage caused. People of varying age groups are addicts in some ways or the other due to their own reasons.

The first step towards handling alcohol and drug abuse is in identifying the root cause. Treatments range from self-help groups to outpatient services to inpatient services as well depending on the extent of abuse. While the focus is on the will power of the patient to realize the effects of abuse and get out of it himself, it must also be said that the family and friends circle should offer support and encouragement which are positive catalysts to a quicker recovery.

There is only so much a counseling center or a rehabilitation center can do, it is for the addict himself to make a conscious and determined effort. Recovery hinges on this. Extend a hand and you will be pulled up, out into the light from the darkness, is what treatment centers would say.

I invite you to learn more about Alcohol Treatment. There are institutions which specialize in individual substance abuse treatment plans tailored to fit the person seeking drug and alcohol treatment. Please note that there is help out there and if you have a family member try by Educating yourself on alcoholism treatment  is key to getting your loved ones treatment needed.

Many people are suffering in silence and it is important to note that confidentiality is of outmost concern to the professional helping people with alcohol and drug addiction.  Learn as much as you can and help your loved ones with these everyday problems facing many people out there who are not able to help themselves.