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Most people look for great ways to have their sites ranking well and therefore look for best ways to enhance there search engine optimizition . It's fairly common knowledge that the websites that rank towards the top of a search result will experience the largest click through rate. The one and only goal that a web owner should have is to get to those top positions on the engines, utilizing keyphrases that allow them not only to rank well but that will help conversions as well. The goal of SEO is to help influence the search engines to trust your site over others. It's common knowledge that potential clients and consumers trust those websites that rank at the top of the search engines over others.

Google and other search engines employ certain algorithms, or advanced math problems, to help make their search results as relevant as possible to the searcher. There are a few tricks that can help you make sure that the search engines find you, and rank you well. These types of tips may help your site from going unseen to the top of the search engines in to time. Let's get started on the Top 10 Optimization tips.

1. Selecting the best keyphrases
This is  the number one thing you can do, spend time getting to know phrases like PageRank and Search Volume. The goal isn't to find the keyphrase with the highest search volume, the number one thing to remember is to have relevant keywords for your site, just because you sell baseball gloves doesn't mean you should go for the keywords baseball.

2. Quality over quantity.
Create your website to produce some value, don't just put anything on the internet. You want to make sure your website has quality content that people will naturally link to. Small, thin, and unfriendly setups just don't do it anymore.

3. Don't submit your site to Search Engines.
If your site is exciting and relevant the search engines will come across it, don't waste your time submitting or paying someone to submit it. By submitting it you can actually negatively affect future rankings.

4. Don't participate in link farms.
Link farms are websites and pages simply designed for links in an attempt to abuse the search engines. Search engines have the ability to find link farms very easily, you really don't want to get yourself caught up with them.

5.Add your keywords to your titles

Once you figure out your keywords be sure to add them to your titles. Making your titles count is important too, make them exciting and enticing so people want to click on them.

6.Include your main keywords on the webpage
You'll want to also increase your keyword density by including your main keywords a few times on the webpage. Again this will help influence the search engines to better understand what your "main" keyword is on that specific page.

7. Get backlinks
Specifically quality backlinks. Backlinks are indicators of trust to the search engines. The best links are those that come from other reputable websites, the more you get links the better you'll rank on the search engines. Spend that extra time that you have working on getting quality backlinks.

8. Just do it take action.
Focus your time on search engines that can bring you traffic, like Google. When effort is put doing the right thing you will get results.

9. Don't waste your time with images and Flash
The search engines can't efficiently read images or index the content of Flash. Spend time making sure that you don't have any unnecessary images or use of Flash on your website.

10. Keep your website fast.
Google absolutely hates websites that are inefficient. Google's ultimate goal is to make a better internet by making websites fast, don't get crappy rankings because of a slow website. You'll want to keep the plugins and add-ons to a minimum. Get rid of unoptimized images that take a long time to load (even though they look pretty).

Implementing these strategies can help you rise to the top. Remember that these are only ten of thousands of SEO tricks, although these are the ones that you want to remember for any SEO campaign.Search engine optimization doesn't need to be difficult. That's why there is effective SEO solutions.